Let's make sure they get the Just Transition Act right

Add your voice to the chorus of people calling for a strong Just Transition Act. r1


In the whirlwind of the election you may have missed that Natural Resources Canada is holding a public consultation right now on Justin Trudeau’s long promised Just Transition Act.

For millions of people across Canada, the climate crisis is at our doorsteps. A summer of extreme heat, record-breaking wildfires, and smoky skies from coast to coast to coast, made it clear that we need a plan to tackle the climate crisis and to get off of climate-wrecking fossil fuels fast.

The time is now for a just transition, and we need to make sure federal leaders get it right. That’s why we’re calling for a Just Transition Act that reflects these three principles: 1) Guarantees good, green, union jobs, 2) Puts people, workers, and communities first and 3) Listens to the science.

Join the consultation right now to help us ensure that these three principles are reflected in Trudeau's Just Transition legislation. Our one-click tool makes it easy to join in.

The only way to ensure that this legislation kickstarts a truly just transition, one that puts people and planet ahead of corporate profits, is... if thousands of people all across this country make their voices heard. And we don’t have a ton of time. On Thursday, September 30th the consultation window will end.

So, take a couple of minutes right now to add your voice to the growing chorus of people calling for a strong Just Transition Act.

We’ve set up an easy one-click tool you can use to weigh in on the consultations and tell Justin Trudeau and the other party leaders you want a Just Transition Act that leaves no one behind.

Now that the election is over, the hard work begins of holding elected leaders accountable to their promises, and pushing for the ambitious and just climate solutions we need.

Let’s do this,

PS - Will you share this action with your friends and family so we can grow the chorus of people calling for big, bold just transition legislation?

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