Let's correct the Premier

Premier John Horgan says there is no logging going on at Fairy Creek. Let's set the record straight. Fairy Creek Watershed Old-Growth deferral area and surrounding unprotected old growth. Approved cut blocks are marked in red. Last week, speaking to the Union of BC Municipalities AGM, Horgan said that “protesters need to acknowledge there is no logging going on there [Fairy Creek] and go back to their homes.”

There is definitely logging happening in Fairy Creek, and protesters are not going home. While it's true that the Fairy Creek Watershed is no longer at immediate threat, the blockades have never been about protecting one watershed. Our longest running blockade, River Camp (which was destroyed last month), was created to protect some of the highest value habitat remaining in the region in an area just outside of the Fairy Creek Watershed line known as “Granite Creek.“

Logging is happening there right now.

If John Horgan truly wants to end the conflict at Fairy Creek he needs to keep his promises, starting with the one he made in the beginning of summer, when he told us there would be more deferrals coming “later this summer.” It is now the end of September and his administration has made no effort to advance protection for our last remaining old growth forest.

Call him. Tag him in your stories. Come to camp.

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Last week the Times Colonist printed Premier Horgan's comments, without investigation or supporting facts. Let's set them straight: Active logging is happening at Fairy Creek, with some of the world's oldest trees being felled just outside the deferral area. We demand a full moratorium on old growth logging, now. Join us for a peaceful action at camp, happening every day this week. We're in desperate need of funds for legal fees and supplies to continue our blockades. Any amount helps! DONATE

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We are honoured to do this work as guests on traditional territory of the Pacheedaht and Ditidaht First Nations. We work with utmost respect for the land and all its relations, human and nonhuman. Please help us by forwarding this newsletter to any friends or family you feel would like to be involved or learn more. They can join our list here.

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The Rainforest Flying Squad is a volunteer-driven, grassroots, non-violent direct-action movement committed to protecting the last stands of globally significant ancient temperate rainforest on Vancouver Island. Rainforest Flying Squad and LastStandforForests work with other like-minded organizations. We stand in solidarity with Elder Bill Jones of the Pacheedaht Nation.

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