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PAOV — “This parcel of land is perhaps the most ecologically important potentially endangered parcel on the South Island right now.” Community members on Vancouver Island are rallying to save 101 acres of old-growth forest from sale to a private owner. The land is home to dozens of ancient Western Red Cedars, and has not been logged in over 120 years. If you think the land should be protected from sale, sign the petition now.

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Did you know that nestled between Goldstream and Gowlland Tod Provincial Parks on W̱SÁNEĆ Traditional Territory there is a parcel of land for sale? It consists of 101 acres of mature forest with blankets of wildflowers, intact ecology, stunning waterfront on the Saanich Inlet, all culminating in a spectacular viewpoint of Mt Finlayson rising majestically from the surrounding protected forest of Goldstream Park. This land deserves to be protected and publicly accessible. Conserving and safeguarding this parcel in perpetuity will become a gift to future generations like the protection of Goldstream Park 60 years ago, was to us today.

The last time this property was logged was in 1900, and as per the selective logging practices of that time, many of the trees they left behind are now 200-300 years old. There are at least a dozen ancient Western Red Cedars surrounding the seasonal creeks and springs, that reflect the aesthetic beauty and intrinsic value of an Old Growth Forest. Because there are so many substantial trees, this private property is under threat by logging. Its location within the Millstream Watershed, near the protected estuary in Goldstream Park does not protect it from the landowner’s rights to have it logged and potentially completely clear-cut which would devastate the existing pristine ecosystem for at least another 200-300 years. While it isn’t at risk of a large development now, due to lack of infrastructure like sufficient roads and connection to sanitation and water, that doesn’t mean a developer won’t buy, log it and hold, until the eventual time it may be.

Conservation isn’t about right now; it’s about the future. As Langford’s urban centre expands, 100 years from now we will have secured the sanctuary of a contiguous wildlife corridor and ensured the continued growth of climate sustaining, moisture retaining mature forests. This parcel of land is perhaps the most ecologically important potentially endangered parcel on the South Island right now. Langford Voters for Change have taken grassroots action and have been working since May to bring it to the attention of BC Parks, CRD, Land Trusts, renowned conservationists and First Nations. The parcel has been assessed by the CRD and The Land Conservancy of BC (TLC) and we hope that this petition will bring awareness to this opportunity for consideration by their respective Boards.

Right now, we need to demonstrate that the people of Langford and the whole South Island support conservation and the inclusion of this land into our world-class park system. Please lend your support to ensuring a greener, healthier future for all - humans, animals, and plants alike. We have the potential to do something momentous – for nature, for ourselves and future generations – by preserving this awe-inspiring parcel.

Thank you for your support.

*please note that we are not yet fundraising for this campaign. Any donations made will go toward change.org and promotion of this petition

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