Save Lester the Beaver!

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Save Lester the Beaver!

Robert Grant started this petition to Jim Watson, Diane Deans, and it now has 9,298 signatures

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Lester the Beaver built a dam in Sawmill Creek over... the summer of 2021, but unfortunately, the City of Ottawa has decided that Lester needs to go.

City representatives have been unable to provide definitive evidence as to the danger Lester poses, having sent a form letter to residents indicating Lester risks “harm to vegetation and trees” or damage to city infrastructure such as a small concrete path. We have not been provided with any evidence or documentation, outside of undated letters or rare chain email replies indicating the decision has been made to remove Lester - a decision made without public oversight or accountability.

We received an undated letter from the City of Ottawa on August 18, indicating they will be hiring a trapper. The letter also indicated that trapper’s work is not considered humane; this is in the City’s own words! Since then some residents have received an email indicating a decision has been made to relocate Lester, however it is unclear if the City has taken that action or not. We demand that Lester be left alone!

It is impossible to humanely “relocate” a beaver; they are highly territorial and relocating it would be a death sentence.

The lack of communication or openness has been frustrating and required us to reach out to the media, as well as starting this petition. Peter Szperling, for CTV News, published a wonderful piece introducing Lester:


We demand that the City of Ottawa should agree to leave the dam intact while continuing to monitor and manage the water level.

Beavers are highly territorial; relocating this beaver is inhumane and would certainly result in it’s death.

Should the City of Ottawa wish to take any action regarding the beaver dam, we demand open communication. The City should hire or work with ethical wildlife experts, rather than relying on advice of inhumane trappers.

There is no reason why we cannot live alongside a Canadian icon such as a local beaver.


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