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Facebook’s supposed watchdog just let execs off the hook. That’s not good enough

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Facebook’s supposed watchdog just let execs off the hook for lying to them. That’s not good enough for a body designed to protect us, the users -- tell the Facebook Oversight Board to resign if Facebook doesn’t release the research!

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The Wall Street Journal and whistleblower Frances Haugen just exposed secret Facebook research into the harm caused by the platform. Mark Zuckerberg chose to straight-up ignore that research because it was bad for business.

But instead of coming down hard, Facebook’s “oversight board” issued a cop-out response, and made it clear that company execs aren’t even honest with them. How can they oversee Facebook if they’re constantly lied... to?

This board was set up to protect Facebook’s users -- you and me. It’s time we speak up and demand they stop giving Facebook executives cover for their unwillingness to clean up the site.

Tell the Oversight Board: Resign if Facebook doesn’t release the research!

Let’s tell the Oversight Board that we need them to speak for us. They need to resign if Facebooks refuses to make a full public disclosure of the internal research on Facebook harms and stop providing cover for Facebook. With a huge public outcry we can get answers and act on them.

Facebook Oversight Board members are “outside experts and civic leaders” from around the world. While the Board was supposed to get a grip on Facebook's biggest problems, the Board only considers a tiny percentage of submitted cases (20 out of 500,000) -- and those cases are only raised after Facebook has ruled on them.

This means Facebook’s decisions to ignore dangerous content - anti-vax, various harms to children, complicity in human trafficking are not even considered.

The Oversight Board’s response to the current news does not even mention any of the new revelations except the “Cross Check” exemptions for the rich and powerful, not us and our kids.

The members of the Oversight Board, paid for by Facebook, claim independence and a commitment to transparency but its response to all we are learning sure doesn’t look like it.

It’s time for them to stand up for us, not Facebook:

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