Let's build public pressure for a Just Transition Act

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Since the election, thousands of you have sent messages to Justin Trudeau and his new government pushing for a big, bold Just Transition Act that leaves no one behind. But we know that Big Oil is using its dirty tricks to try and derail the kind of action we need.

Now it’s time to talk to the public about a Just Transition Act that guarantees good, green, union jobs, respects climate science, and puts people first. To do that we’ve set up a tool to send letters to the editor to local papers across the country pushing for the kind of Just Transition Act we need.

Click here to use our simple tool to send a letter to the editor of your local paper in just 2 minutes.

If millions of people across the country hear our call for a Just Transition that leaves no one behind, we can build the movement we need to win a strong Just Transition Act.

Earlier this week, we learned that Canada is among the world's top 10 contributors to historical greenhouse gas emissions. The Trudeau... government is currently on track to only reduce national emissions by a mere 16% by 2030, when our Paris commitment is to reduce emissions by over 40%. After a summer of heatwaves, wildfires, smoke and floods, this is unacceptable.

It’s critical that Justin Trudeau and his government rapidly bring forward the kind of Just Transition Act we truly need.

While this process moves forward, let’s use the power of local media to build momentum behind our vision for Just Transition so that when the legislation is introduced, more of the public can know whether it passes the test or not. Submit your letter to the editor today.

We’ve set up a simple tool that will allow you to customize a letter to the editor. With your postal code, and the click of a button, you’ll be able to send off your letter to your local papers.

As one of the countries most responsible for the crisis we’re in, we have a moral responsibility to use every tool in our toolbox to drive down emissions to the levels IPCC scientists have said are necessary to avoid the worst impacts of this crisis. Right now, that means a Just Transition plan that respects science, puts people first, and that creates thousands of new jobs building a climate-saving energy system we all deserve.

Let’s make it happen,


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