PAOV, can you help us hit 10k signatures?

Parliament resumes in two weeks. Let’s set the agenda. r1


Two weeks from today, MPs will head back to Ottawa for one of the most consequential sessions of Parliament in our lifetimes and we’re organizing to make sure real climate action is at the top of their agenda.

This will be the moment we find out if all the campaign trail talk about finally meeting the climate crisis head on was for real. The actions our politicians take in the months ahead will either put Canada on the right track, or keep us barrelling down a dangerous path.

We’ve been pushing hard for Justin Trudeau to meet this moment by making the Just Transition Act his top priority. Once we hit 10,000 petition signatures, we’re going to ramp up the pressure -- and we’re just 3,556 signatures away from that goal.

Paov, can you help us keep the pressure up in this last stretch by adding your name now?

COP26 is still going on this week, but Trudeau is now back in Ottawa, working on mandate letters for his Cabinet ministers and the Throne Speech that will lay out his government’s priorities for the coming term. In Glasgow, the PM played the role... of determined climate champion, urging other countries to go further, faster and making headlines for pledging to end Canada’s financing of fossil fuel projects overseas.1 But it’s still not clear if the Trudeau government will finally stand up to Big Oil here at home.

We need to send Trudeau a clear message that Canadians want the Prime Minister to act with the same boldness at home that he talked about in Glasgow. Add your voice now.

You can bet Trudeau and his team have been hearing from a steady stream of fossil fuel executives asking for assurances that he’s still on their side despite what he said at COP. Our movement is building momentum and Big Oil is scared. Over the weekend, 100,000 people marched in the streets of Glasgow to reject greenwashing and demand bold action to secure climate justice.2 Let’s bring that message to Ottawa next. Together, we can drown out the lobbyists, demand real leadership from Parliament, and win a rapid, just transition that puts people first.

Sign the petition now, and stay tuned for an update on how we’re going to raise the stakes on the day Parliament resumes.



1. CBC: Canada to stop financing fossil fuel projects abroad by end of 2022

2. Washington Post: At COP26, 100,000 march for climate justice is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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