Tell Trudeau to put human lives before Big Pharmas profits

Tell Trudeau to put human lives before Big Pharma’s profits r1 ... Generic vaccine vs brand name vaccine Dear Friend,

The Canadian government has been part of the problem when it comes to vaccine access around the globe. It’s past time that Canada becomes part of the solution.

A year after vaccines first became available, only 1.3% of people living in the poorest parts of the world are fully vaccinated.1 And Big Pharma has lobbied hard to keep things this way.2

Canada has the power to help end the pandemic and overcome what the WHO and others have called “vaccine apartheid.”3 But the federal government has been obstructing efforts to change this for over a year.

That’s why I’ve helped start a petition at the House of Commons to ask Prime Minister Trudeau to stop putting Big Pharma’s profits before saving lives.

As part of a coalition of Canadian and international organizations fighting for a People’s Vaccine, we are calling on the government to stop blocking the manufacturing of generic vaccines in Canada, and to support the temporary suspension of patents on vaccines and other life-saving medicines at the World Trade Organization. SIGN THE PETITION NOW! Since March 2021, a Canadian company, Biolyse Pharma, has been trying to get federal approval (via a compulsory licence) to produce vaccines for export to Bolivia, where only 27.9% of people are fully vaccinated.

The company could produce up to 20 million vaccines a year. But for the last eight months, the Canadian government has stood in its way. In a press conference this week, I joined the Bolivian Minister of Foreign Trade and other coalition allies in urging the Canadian government to waive patents and allow for the export of generic vaccines.4 If implemented, the deal between Biolyse and Bolivia could be a first step in establishing a path for developing countries to acquire vaccines much more quickly and affordably than is currently the case.

Sign this petition and tell Trudeau to free the vaccine!

Big Pharma has made billions in profits on COVID-19 vaccines while largely shutting out lower income countries. The world cannot depend on the benevolence of Big Pharma to ensure access to life-saving medicines. We need politicians who stand up to their power.

Tell Trudeau to stand up to Big Pharma and help end vaccine apartheid. SIGN THE PETITION NOW! With hope and resolve,
Nik Barry-Shaw, Trade and Privatization Campaigner


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