Outnumbered by Big Oil

More fossil fuel lobbyists at COP26 than any single country. r1


The COP26 climate summit ends today and, while there are some steps in the right direction in the draft decision document1 — the official agreement we can use to hold governments accountable to their pledges — it’s hard to feel confident in a process where fossil fuel lobbyists outnumbered delegates from any single country.2

Big Oil flooded Glasgow with over 500 delegates, outnumbering the summit’s official Indigenous constituency by nearly two to one. While reps from the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) and Suncor worked the rooms, people from the civil society, the Global South, and communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis were shut out.3

The oil and gas industry is on a lobbying offensive, desperately trying to block, delay and greenwash real climate action to protect their profits. They must be getting nervous because they know our people-powered movement to end their grip on politics is growing fast. Here at home, people across the country have been building support in their communities for a just transition off fossil fuels. Nearly 10,000 of you have now signed the petition calling on Trudeau to finally deliver the promised Just Transition Act.

Paov, in just over a week we’re going to hold a rally outside the PM’s office and deliver all those signatures directly to his door. We’ve planned it for the day Parliament resumes to make the biggest impact possible. Can you sign the petition now and help us hit 10k before the action?

Whether he’s on the campaign trail or on stage in Glasgow, Trudeau knows how to talk like a climate leader. At COP26 he doubled down on his promise to cap fossil fuel industry emissions4, but we know we need to keep pushing for what's really required - stopping the planned expansion in fossil fuel production and taking concrete steps to phase them out at the rapid pace science demands. The first day of Parliament will be a chance to see if the Prime Minister is ready to act on his words. If his long-promised Just Transition Act isn’t a top priority in the Speech from the Throne and the mandate letters he gives his new Cabinet, we’ll know Trudeau is still unwilling to stand up to Big Oil.

At last count we’re just 1,648 names short of our 10,000 signature goal for the Just Transition Act petition. Add your name now and tell Trudeau to make this key legislation his first priority.

Despite the bleak headlines about climate-delaying lobbyists and politicians, seeing how our movements showed up in force all week has kept me going. Yesterday, the Pacific Climate Warriors crashed the plenary space to protest Big Oil’s attempt to sabotage the outcome. As my 350 Pacific coworker Joseph Sikulu put it after the action, "Fossil fuel lobbyists in COP outnumber Pacific negotiators 12 to 1. But today, vulnerable nations are sending the message that we are holding the line!"5

The decisions Canada’s politicians make in the months ahead are directly linked to the future of those island nations and our whole shared planet. I hope you’ll hold the line with us by joining the fight for a rapid, just transition that puts people and the planet ahead of corporate profits.



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