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PAOV — As of November 8, the US land border is open to fully vaccinated travellers. However, Canadians returning to the country must have a negative COVID test, which is often prohibitively expensive as prices are set by each company that offers them. The government has said that they are considering ending the PCR test requirement, but no commitment has been made. If you would like the PCR test requirement ended, or the cost at least regulated, sign the petition now.

Affordable Travel PCR test

65,270 have signed Max Rajan’s petition. Let’s get to 75,000!

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Fully vaccinated and disciplined Canadians want to travel. Travel related negative PCR test is very expensive . This is a private run industry without any government regulations. Federal government has to step in and make a flat fee like many other jurisdictions has done around the world. Make it as flat fee of & 75 or less.

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