Let's flood Trudeaus phone line

Call Trudeau. Tell him the Just Transition Act can't wait. r1


Last week, COP26 wrapped up. And, like most of the United Nations climate conferences, the question on everyone’s minds is whether or not governments, like ours in Canada, are actually going to do enough at home to meet the promises we make on the world stage?

Justin Trudeau has a chance to actually do that this time around, but only if he makes big, bold climate policies like the Just Transition Act, his top priority. That’s why this week, we’re flooding the Prime Minister's phones with calls to do just that.

Click here to make a call now.

In one week, Parliament will resume with a long list of things to do. And, we know that Justin Trudeau has sidelined passing the Just Transition Act before when, after promising the Act in 2019, he stayed silent on it until just before the election in 2021. We can’t let that happen again.

We need a Just Transition Act that guarantees good, union jobs, puts people first, and matches the scale of action we need to tackle the climate crisis. By flooding the Prime Minister's phone lines, we’ll make it clear that Trudeau needs... to make passing the Just Transition Act his top priority when Parliament resumes. Click here to make your call now.

Next week, when MPs head back to Parliament, we’ll be in Ottawa to send the very same message. But, in the meantime, let’s make our voices heard today and demand the kind of climate action we really need.



PS: Solidarity with everyone dealing with the impacts of extreme weather and rainfall in BC right now. Please stay safe. As if a summer of fire and deadly heat wasn't bad enough, the province I call home is now dealing with dangerous floods and landslides. It's another clear sign that the climate crisis is escalating and our governments need to muster an emergency-level response. No more delays.

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