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The past few days have weighed heavy on my heart. r1


The past few days have weighed heavy on my heart. BC, the province I have called home my entire life, is dealing with catastrophic flooding after an atmospheric river supercharged by climate change dumped nearly a month’s worth of rainfall on us in just a matter of days1.

It’s even more alarming knowing that, just three months ago, we suffered the deadliest weather event in Canadian history, the heat dome,2 and the third-worst wildfire season ever recorded, which tore through Lytton in a day. Now that same community is surrounded by floodwaters.

This tragedy should make it clear to everyone in Canada that we cannot afford to delay climate action any longer. A critical first step requires our elected leaders to keep their promises and make major investments in taking us off fossil fuels. Thousands of people across the country have already signed the petition calling on Justin Trudeau to make a Just Transition off of fossil fuels his number one priority. On Monday, we plan to deliver the petition at a rally outside his Ottawa office.

Paov, we’re trying to hit 10,000 signatures before then and we’re just 454 signatures short... of that goal. Please sign the petition now and help us send Trudeau an unmistakable message about the strength of our movement.

It was eerie and devastating to watch homes in Merritt floating down the Coldwater River, and farmers in Abbotsford carrying their livestock out of flooded barns. And, as we have seen with past climate disasters, it is vulnerable communities already hit hardest by this crisis who are disproportionately impacted. Many First Nations communities across the province are on evacuation orders and alerts, and have once again had to flee their homes and lands.3

We cannot keep following this dangerous path. The Just Transition Act is a critical first step in the new direction we need to go. Can you take a moment to add your name to the petition now?

Seeing how communities mobilized to provide aid during the COVID-19 pandemic and the heat dome this past summer, and how people are now banding together in the wake of this latest climate disaster gives us a glimpse of what might be possible if our elected officials treated the climate emergency just as seriously. Despite the anxiety of these past few days, the many examples of courage and compassion have given me hope. Solidarity between people is much more powerful than Big Oil will ever be. It’s why our movement will win.

Sign the petition now and help us send a powerful message this Monday.



PS: I wrote a blog post with some deeper reflections on the BC floods and a list of ways you can help out through donations and other forms of support. Please take a few moments to read and share it.

1. Climate making disasters like B.C. rain more frequent and more intense: scientists
2. Heat Killed 595 British Columbians This Summer
3. Extreme flooding causes evacuation orders for First Nations in B.C. is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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