We finally have the photos

We finally have the photos r1 ... BECOME A MEMBER The Narwhal's masthead logo A crowd of officers, including militarized police, wait in the courtyard outside of the tiny house dwelling as supporters and media are arrested.
“Several RCMP buses have been spotted coming up the hill.”

That’s how the day began exactly one week ago for Sleydo’ Molly Wickham and land defenders holed up in a tiny house on Wet’suwet’en territory.

By the afternoon, a tactical police team and specially trained officers had advanced on the home, smashing down the door with an axe, sending shards of wood flying into the crowded space and pointing an assault rifle inside.

Until now, the public hasn’t been able to bear witness to what critics say was an excessive use of force by the RCMP. That’s because officers took media — including photojournalist Amber Bracken, who was on assignment for The Narwhal — away in handcuffs, locking them up in jail for three days.

When I turned to all of you 48 hours ago to help us in our legal battle to stand up for press freedom, you stepped up in droves: 156 people from coast to coast became members to guarantee The Narwhal is able to pay Amber’s legal fees and ensure this never happens again.

We still need 44 more people to join us and sign up as members so we can fight this battle for press freedom.

Our existing 3,700 members provided us with the reliable cash flow necessary to send Amber to Wet’suwet’en territory in the first place. But here’s the thing: Amber’s legal battle isn’t our first and it won’t be our last. Recurring donations are critical because they provide us with the long-term assurance that we’ll be able to stay above water when we’re hit with legal battles like this one.
YES, I’LL HELP COVER AMBER’S LEGAL FEES This past week has shone a spotlight on the lengths the RCMP will go to defend the interests of private oil and gas companies and how the free press isn’t all that free to do their jobs without interference.

If you believe Canada needs a free press, become a member of The Narwhal to support our legal fight.

Bonus: if you sign up by midnight tonight, we’ll send you a Narwhal toque as a thank-you.

Take care and fight for a free press,

Emma Gilchrist

P.S. We still need 44 more folks to join us as members of The Narwhal to ensure we can fight this legal battle. Become a member by midnight tonight and we’ll send you a Narwhal toque.

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