Blue Triton just got permission to extract billions of litres of groundwater

Blue Triton just got permission to extract billions of litres of groundwater r1 ... No Water To Waste Dear Friend,

An American bottled water giant, Blue Triton, just got permission to extract and sell billions of litres of precious groundwater.

Blue Triton, which took over Nestlé’s North American bottled water business earlier this year, can draw as much as 8 billion litres of groundwater over the next five years. That’s enough water to fill 14 billion plastic bottles. Laid end to end, those bottles could circle the globe 70 times.

This is unacceptable. Water is a human right – not a commodity to be bought and sold.

It’s time to stop Big Water from wasting our precious resources for profit. Become a Public Water Champion now! Big Water is hedge funds, multinational corporations, and armies of paid lobbyists that want to own our water and the infrastructure that provides it – so they can sell it back to us for a profit.

But their desire for profit is not as strong as our desire to protect water. And our collective opposition is working.

Thanks to public pushback, Blue Triton didn’t get everything it wanted. The corporation had demanded permits to draw water for 10 years, but the Ontario Ministry of Environment granted only five. The Ministry came to that decision after receiving more than 12,000 comments from the public urging them to deny the permits or reduce their duration.

This is only the latest in a series of setbacks for Big Water. With the support of our members, local chapters, and allies like CUPE and Wellington Water Watchers, we have scored important victories against the industry over the last decade. But we need to keep up the momentum.

The Council of Canadians is ramping up our campaign against Big Water, and we need your support again. Become a Public Water Champion now! Together, we will keep up the pressure for a complete phase-out of all bottled water permits and will continue to expose Big Water’s backroom attempts to gain control over our water commons.

It is a long and difficult journey, and we are grateful that you have accompanied us.

Please click here to sign up to be a Public Water Champion. Let’s continue working together to protect our water from profits.

With hope and resolve,

Mark Calzavara
Water Campaigner, The Council of Canadians

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