Update from the Wet'suwet'en Frontlines


Video and Photos of Raid on Coyote Camp Released

All Land Defenders Are Out Of Jail

Outpouring Of Solidarity As The Struggle Continues

Call to action from Gidimt'en Checkpoint Video and photos of the raid of Coyote Camp have been released and are appalling.

The RCMP played the soundtrack to Freddy the horror film over the radio as they approached, and then used axes and chainsaws to break into a cabin without a warrant. They pointed assault rifles at land defenders including Sleydo' as they removed them from their cabin and their land.

After the raid, RCMP burned the cabins at Coyote Camp to the ground mirroring a long standing tactic colonial forces have used to violently remove indigenous people from their land on Wet'suwet'en territories and beyond.

After being locked up for three to five days under abusive conditions including putting trans women in a men's prison, and denying people food and water all 30 plus land defenders, legal observers, and journalists are now out of jail with conditions that attempt to limit access to Wet'suwet'en land and a February 14th court date.

All of this has taken place as climate disasters hammer both sides of so called Canada.

Across Turtle Island and beyond people are standing up and speaking out against these injustices and continue to do so with rallies, highway shutdowns, protests at investors' and politicians' offices plus railroad blockades.

Indigenous nations from near and far have issued powerful statements of support and condemnations of the RCMP actions.

People everywhere are standing up to build a movement for Indigenous Sovereignty and to put an end to climate destroying pipeline projects.

Hereditary Chiefs and land defenders are committed to continue the struggle and continue to put out a call out for solidarity and support on the ground!

Below is a collection of recent videos articles and solidarity actions:

Video of the RCMP raid on Coyote Camp put out by Gidimt'en Checkpoint:

The RCMP violently raided unceded Gidimt’en territory on November 19th, 2021, removing Indigenous women from their land at gunpoint on behalf of TC Energy’s proposed Coastal GasLink pipeline.

The raid involved about 50 police, including 20 tactical officers in green military fatigues, with assault weapons and attack dogs who surrounded the camp. During the raid, the RCMP breached two structures - Skïy ze’ Cabin, a cabin built on the proposed drill pad site, and a nearby tiny home. RCMP cut the camp’s satellite internet and radio antenna cords.

The police attempted to enter the tiny house, but Cas Yikh supporting chief Sleydo' demanded to see a warrant. Police then broke down the door with an axe and a chainsaw belonging to the land defenders, and arrested everyone inside, including Sleydo’. Police also entered Skïy ze’ cabin with a chainsaw and arrested everyone there, including Dinï ze’ Woos’ daughter, Jocey.

For 56 days, Gidimt’en land defenders (under the direction of Dinï ze’ Woos) re-occupied their ancestral Cas Yikh territory, blocking the Coastal Gaslink pipeline from drilling beneath Wet’suwet’en headwaters. The land reclamation known as Coyote Camp was established to protect the sacred Wedzin Kwa. Over the course of November 18th-19th, 32 people were arrested, including 3 journalists and 3 Legal Observers. All land defenders have now been released from prison, with a February 14th, 2022 court date.

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