Annual Accountability Report: Canadian Friends Service Committee


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Our 2021 Annual Accountability Report is here

The 2021 Annual Accountability Report celebrates the 90th anniversary of Canadian Friends Service Committee. Get a brief overview of what we've been up to over the past year in our Indigenous rights, criminal justice, and peace work: You can also read our audited financial statements (PDF).

All of the justice and peace work that you read about here is your work. Please donate before December 31st and receive your 2021 charitable tax receipt!

Quaker Concern

New e-petition to support Palestinian human rights groups

We previously reported on what human rights groups around the world and UN experts warn is an "attack on human rights everywhere": Israel designated six highly respected Palestinian human rights groups "terrorists". A new parliamentary e-petition allows Canadians to urge a meaningful response to this very dangerous move. Read the petition and consider signing.

Quaker Concern

Calling for mandatory human rights due diligence

Did you know that Canadian companies commit many severe human rights abuses every year? A group of 50 organizations, including CFSC, is calling for a new law to address this major problem.

The proposed law would:

  1. establish a corporate duty to prevent human rights abuses and environmental damage;
  2. create a corporate obligation to undertake comprehensive human rights due diligence; and
  3. establish a right of action in Canadian courts (civil lawsuit) if Canadian companies, their subsidiaries, suppliers or subcontractors cause human rights abuse or environmental damage abroad. It would also establish a right of action if companies don’t develop, implement or report on adequate human rights and environmental due diligence procedures.

Read the full open letter. If so led, sign a petition to show your support for new legislation.

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Canadian light armoured vehicle. Credit: Project Ploughshares.

Quaker Concern

Keeping the pressure on Canada to stop transferring weapons to Saudi Arabia

Canada has been named twice by the UN as one of several countries perpetuating the devastating war on Yemen. That’s because, although Canada acceded to the Arms Trade Treaty in 2019, it continues to violate its commitments by sending billions of dollars of weapons to Saudi Arabia.

More than 50 Canadian labour, human rights, peace, and faith groups have written again to call on Canada to immediately end the transfer of light armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia. r0 | Manage email preferences

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