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I watched the movie Don’t Look Up over the holidays and I’m still thinking about it. If you haven’t seen it, the dark comedy is a parable with a clear message about the climate crisis: even when faced with clear evidence of an extinction-level threat (a massive comet in the case of the film) the people in power remain distracted by self-interest and fail to act at the scale required to save us.

As an organizer in the climate movement, watching Don’t Look Up with my family was a stark reminder of what’s at stake if our politicians don’t step up. It’s now the second-most watched Netflix film ever, so the message clearly resonated with millions of others too. More people than ever now realize that the longer our politicians delay and deny the stakes of the climate crisis, the more communities and workers will be pushed to the brink. That is why we must band together to demand immediate and transformative action at the scale the science requires.

The House of Commons will convene later this month with some big questions to answer when it comes to tackling the... climate crisis. Questions like, will they actually pass the Just Transition Act first promised in 2019?

We intend to make sure the answer is yes. And we have no time to waste. That’s why on January 20th we’re teaming up with our friends at the Council of Canadians to announce our plans for 2022. Be sure to RSVP to our mass organizing call on January 20th to kickstart the push to pass a Just Transition Act before the end of the year.

We just have to look around to realize the climate emergency is well past our front door and we are not prepared to deal with it. We just closed out another year of record-breaking temperatures, making the past seven years the hottest on record1. And last year my home province of BC was marred by unprecedented climate-fuelled fires and floods, with dozens of communities left reeling and recovering in the aftermath2.

The stakes of this fight will only get higher the longer our politicians delay critical action. A critical first step is to ensure Justin Trudeau’s government delivers their long-promised Just Transition Act to kick-start the shift off fossil fuels.

We can’t do it without you. Join us on January 20th to get involved.

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1 – BBC: Past seven years hottest on record - EU satellite data

2 – The Narwhal: After a year of climate disaster, B.C. grapples with the urgent need to adapt to its dangerous future

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