Supporting youth means years of impact

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Dear Friend,

As a society, we have relied on youth standing up for what they think is right and just.

They have led the climate justice movement, advocated for the most marginalized in our society, and stood in front of policymakers to make their voice known. They have invited change with open arms.

That is why we are passionate about working with the younger generation - because we know our work will have impacts for years to come. Students today will bring their learnings far into adulthood. They will be the future change makers and advocates of justice. They will make a difference in the world we live in right now.

Every year, we organize our annual Youth Conference to engage with high school students from all over Metro Vancouver to talk about important issues relating to our civil liberties. We cover issues like Indigenous law, housing justice, employment rights and organizing skills.

But I know our work doesn’t... stop there. Friend, you support the BCCLA because you care. At the BCCLA, we hear from supporters like you daily. We receive emails, phone calls and letters from you highlighting issues you would like to see fundamental change on.


Like you, we believe our work makes a real change, and that starts with public education. Would you make a donation today, so that we can continue to bring knowledge and power to the public?

Thank you so much for being on our team.


Greta Shuting Lin (she/her)

Supporter Engagement and Development Manager

P.S. Our work with youthtoday will have impacts for years to come. Donate today to help us advance our public education program.


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