Brazil's Indigenous people need your help NOW!

SumOfUs has joined forces with the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (Apib) to stop Bill 191/2020.


SumOfUs has joined forces with the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (Apib) to stop bill PL 191/2020.

If it passes this bill will open up Indigenous lands to industrial-scale mining – destroying pristine rainforest and devastating Indigenous communities.

Tomorrow, Brazil’s Congress will vote on the bill, and with multi-million dollar corporations like Vale, Anglo American and BlackRock backing this terrible law, there's a chance it could pass. But we can stop this horror.

More than 7,000 Indigenous people are in Brasilia right now fighting for their rights - and they’re asking for OUR help. Let’s make it clear to these greedy companies that people come before profit:

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According to Apib, the biggest threats posed by the bill are:

  • It suppresses Indigenous peoples' exclusive right of possession over the lands they traditionally occupy;

  • It opens up Indigenous lands to industrial-scale... mining as well as destructive infrastructure projects like hydroelectric dams, ports and roads;

  • It aggravates social conflicts and challenges like illicit trafficking, alcoholism, gender violence and social disintegration;

  • It suppresses the right of free, prior and informed consultation of the Indigenous Peoples and communities affected by large projects, a right guaranteed by ILO Convention 169;

  • It encourages incursions onto Indigenous lands, which leads to the illegal exploitation of natural resources and damage to cultural sites as well as intensifying attacks and threats to Indigenous communities, and the criminalization of leaders.

Multi-million dollar companies like Vale, Anglo American, Belo Sun, Minsur Group, Potassio do Brasil and financiers like Capital Group, Bradesco, BlackRock and Vanguard, are doing EVERYTHING they can to make sure the Federal government approves laws that will enrich their executives, regardless of the terrible consequences for Indigenous peoples and the environment.

This global community is being asked for help. Please act now:

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PS- If you don't have Twitter, you can also put the pressure on by signing this petition!

While our brothers and sisters are risking their lives to protect the rainforests and their own lives, we, members of SumOfUs, can help them win this fight.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Flora, Vanessa, Vicky and the whole team at SumOfUs

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