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We need people power to stop AXA from watering down its complicity in war crimes with its green commitments.


Thank you for all that you do,
Leyla, Alys and the team at SumOfUs


SumOfUs members, just like you, helped force AXA to adopt its landmark oil and gas policy, pushing the insurer further on climate issues.

But when it comes to human rights, AXA is still far behind…

Three years ago, SumOfUs members were instrumental in making AXA divest from Israel’s biggest arms company, Elbit Systems, and from three Israeli banks financing illegal settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

A shocking new report confirms that AXA is one of the biggest European investors in... Israel’s illegal settlement enterprise, also showing that the insurer still owns shares worth US$ 6 million in two Israeli banks involved in war crimes.

Warfare is a pillar of Israel’s economy and one of the world’s most polluting industries.

Climate justice is also fighting for human rights. AXA can’t water down its complicity in war crimes with its green commitments.

A, join the international movement calling on AXA to stop financing war and environmental crimes by divesting from Israeli apartheid

Israeli settlement expansion is not only illegal, it is also destroying Palestine's environment.

Israeli settlements are mainly built on confiscated Palestinian agricultural or grazing lands, ancestral lands for olive trees: a primary source of food and income for Palestinians. Since the Occupation regime, nearly 1 million Palestinian olive trees have been uprooted and destroyed.

Israel dumps 80% of the Israeli settlements’ waste in the occupied Palestinian territory, contaminating all Palestinian natural resources – including water. 97% of drinking water in Gaza is unfit for consumption and is a leading cause of child mortality.

These are the consequences of an Apartheid regime on people and the planet that AXA endorses through its investments:

Tell AXA to stop supporting the wrecking Israeli Occupation and respect people and the planet

This represents a moment of truth: if AXA wants to stop being accomplice of gross human rights violations and be a real sustainable champion, they must divest from Israeli apartheid.

Companies involved in the illegal settlements are feeling the heat. SumOfUs members pushed Ben & Jerry’s to stop selling in Israel’s illegal settlements. And we’ve been busy meeting with other high-level executives to discuss their company’s plans to stop their business activities in settlements.

We can make AXA do the same if we ramp up the pressure!


Thanks for all that you do,
Leyla, Alys and the team at SumOfUs

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