You're Invited: Celebrate the Launch of the Ministry of Just Transition

This should be real, but it's not. Join us this Thursday April 21 to learn how we make it a reality. r1


I can’t believe I’m writing this, but we just learned that the Trudeau government has launched a federal Ministry of Just Transition. According to their website, the new ministry will be responsible for accelerating Canada’s shift to a green economy while taking care of workers, communities, and everyday people.1 They plan to roll out a wave of bold, transformative solutions that repair our planet, retrain and skill up oil and gas workers, and guarantee a good green, unionized job to anyone who wants one.

Check out the Ministry of Just Transition website now to see the full plan and learn more about the ambitious projects underway.

By now you’ve probably realized that the Ministry of Just Transition isn’t real, even though it should be. It’s obvious that our political leaders aren’t moving at the pace and scale that the climate emergency demands, and this project is our way of showing what would be possible if they did. We were so inspired by the just transition projects people brought to life as part of last month’s Day of Action for a... Just Transition that we decided to take the next step with this satirical Ministry of Just Transition from the year 2025.

In the same spirit, we are hosting a Ministry of Just Transition celebration and launch event this Thursday, April 21st, featuring the Minister of Just Transition and the Tax the Rich Commissioner. They'll discuss the monumental successes the Ministry has been able to achieve in a few short years and we'll talk about the steps we plan to take together now, in 2022, to make this future a reality.

Here are all the details:

When: Thursday, April 21st 2022
Where: Online via Zoom (RSVP to get the link!)
Time: 4pm PT / 5pm MT / 6pm CT / 7pm ET / 8pm AT / 8:30pm NT

RSVP for the celebration event here.

Paov, the better future we’re imagining with this project is under attack by our own government. Trudeau continues to approve fossil fuel projects and delay critical investments needed to accelerate the transition off of oil and gas. Pushing Trudeau to deliver the long-promised Just Transition Act will be a crucial first step towards kickstarting Canada’s shift to 100% energy while protecting workers and serving communities. But we need Parliament to pass the Act in 2022 to make a Ministry of Just Transition a reality in 2025.

Winning a Just Transition Act is within reach. Thousands of us have already taken action in our communities and online to demand that Parliament pass bold and ambitious legislation that accelerates our transition to a green economy. Now we have to keep mounting pressure on our politicians until they deliver on their promise.

Join us this Thursday, April 21st to learn more about the Ministry of Just Transition project and how we can make this vision a reality.



PS - The launch of the Ministry of Just Transition is a satirical project created by our 350 Canada team. We want as many people as possible to see this project and join the campaign so we can make this vision a reality. Watch the video here, and help us share it via the Ministry of Just Transition on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?

1 - Ministry of Just Transition is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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