This Earth Day Canada needs a just transition from fossil fuels Dear friend,

By the time you finish reading this email, our government will have handed out $51,884 to the oil and gas industry.

As we observe Earth Day this year, let’s demand that our governments deliver for us instead.

Prime Minister Trudeau has been promising a Just Transition Act for three years, but that legislation has yet to come.

Instead, the federal government gave $8.6 billion in subsidies to fossil fuel companies last year.1 In its most recent budget, the government offered an additional $2.6 billion in tax credits for carbon capture and storage2 – a false solution that the fossil fuel industry has been eagerly campaigning for.3

Together, that’s more than $17,000 per minute in corporate welfare for Big Oil execs. In less than three minutes, Big Oil rakes in more support from the federal government than the average person in Canada makes in a year.

We can’t let Big Oil execs keep calling the shots. Let’s reclaim our collective future by demanding that our governments invest in our communities instead.
Join the movement for a just transition Transitioning off fossil fuels is our only hope for confronting the climate emergency. It’s also a historic opportunity to build a more equitable and just future.

A just transition would mean a soft landing for fossil fuel workers moving out of the industry. It would mean the creation of millions of good-paying, unionized jobs, as we transform our energy system and build zero-carbon infrastructure across the country. It would bring an opportunity to uphold the inherent rights and sovereignty of Indigenous peoples over land and resources.

Above all, a just transition would break Big Oil’s stranglehold on our climate policies – ensuring a thriving future on a livable planet, with governments that work for us.
Sign up to help win a just transition in your community For months, Council of Canadians supporters like you have been collecting signatures to get local MPs to table our just transition petition in Parliament. Thanks to your collective efforts, 18 MPs from across the political spectrum have already tabled the petition and at least 19 others have committed to doing the same.

This Earth Day, let’s continue our efforts to make just transition legislation a reality in Canada.

Visit our new just transition campaign page to learn about our demands, read more analysis, and get involved.
With hope and resolve,

Dylan Penner
Climate and Social Justice Campaigner
The Council of Canadians P.S. Be sure to read my analysis about the federal government’s climate commitments in the latest budget and Emissions Reductions Plan here.

  1. New report: As climate crisis worsens, federal government continues to give billions in subsidies and financing for fossil fuels
  2. The federal government’s new tax credit for carbon capture technology is expected to cost $2.6 billion in the first five years of the program — reaching up to $8.6 billion by 2030. (Source: Financial Post)
  3. In its pre-budget submission to the Government of Canada’s Standing Committee on Finance, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (the country’s most powerful oil lobby) had specifically r71 | Add us to your address book Facebook Twitter Instagram Website Copyright © 2022 Council of Canadians, All rights reserved.
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