Logging old-growth forests

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PAOV — Over 87,000 people have joined petition starter Erin in calling on British Columbia to stop logging old-growth forests in the province. Demonstrators have been at Fairy Creek on Vancouver Island for nearly two years, demanding that the ancient forests on the island be protected from logging.You can show your support by signing the petition now.

End the logging of British Columbia’s old growth forests

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The logging of BC’s old growth forests has become an issue so great protests have broken out as a "last stand" against the logging companies that devastate the land. 3.3 million hectares of productive old-growth forests once stood on the southern coast of British Columbia, and today only 860,000 hectares remain. Of that 860,000 only 260,000 hectares are protected in BC parks and Old-Growth Management Areas. Around 64 million tonnes of carbon emissions can be linked to logging every year, and the second growth forests being replanted aren’t enough to combat the amount of carbon held in old growth forests being released as they are logged.

Some think it’s necessary to continue logging old growth forests with the way the forest industry is, but after all of the old growth have been logged they will need to transition into logging second growth forests. Before all of the old growth forests have been logged we need to make a transition to second growth logging and have the remaining old growth forests protected. Teal Jones is one of the leading logging companies in BC, they have recently filed an application with the Supreme Court of British Columbia for an injunction to remove blockades at Fairy Creek near Port Renfrew.

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