Were being sued

We’ve never backed down in the face of intimidation, but we need your support.

In November, The Intercept ran a story examining efforts to sell military services to a sanctioned Russian entity.

A few weeks later, mercenary billionaire Erik Prince sued The Intercept for defamation.

We all know what this lawsuit is about: He wants to intimidate and silence us. But we’ve never backed down in the face of intimidation before, and we’re not about to start with Prince.

Yet this lawsuit has cost us more than $200,000 and counting — at a time when the number of sustaining monthly donors to The Intercept has declined by nearly 20 percent.

The reason our nonprofit newsroom can take on important stories is because we know we have a strong base of members behind us. Their financial support means that we don’t have to shy... away from legal fights like this one.

To get our member fundraising back on track, we need to reach 16,000 monthly sustaining donors by the end of this month. It’s an ambitious goal, but it’s doable. And with billionaires like Prince trying to shut down our reporting, we can’t afford to fall short.

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The Intercept’s mission requires us to uncover secrets and lies that the most powerful and wealthy people in the world would rather keep hidden. Nearly every day, we face threats of lawsuits or other forms of retaliation.

Our base of sustaining monthly donors gives us a strong financial foundation to take on powerful corporations and wealthy individuals, from Big Oil to Big Tech to mercenaries like Prince.

That’s why even a small decline in the number of sustaining monthly donors to The Intercept is a big problem — and why we must reach our goal of 16,000 recurring donors by the end of our April campaign.

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