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With public consultations wrapping up, the federal government is about to make some crucial decisions about Canada’s long-promised Just Transition Act. That gives us an important window to make sure Parliament passes just transition legislation that’s as ambitious as the climate crisis demands.

As you might have seen, last week, we launched a satirical “Ministry of Just Transition” website from 2025 to demonstrate what a truly just transition can look like if we take bold action now. This week, we’re bringing our ambitious vision for a just transition to our political leaders. Take action now using our one-click tool to fax a message from the future to your MP and Trudeau’s Environment Minister Stephen Guilbeault.

We already know the idea of a just transition is popular – a strong majority of people in Canada support bolder, faster action to make sure we get to 100% clean energy as soon as possible while protecting the workers and communities on the frontlines of the energy transition and the climate crisis.1

But we also know the Trudeau government will try to get away with a limited version of the... Just Transition Act, one that ignores the call from climate scientists for rich countries like ours to rapidly phase out fossil fuel production.2 If they let fossil fuel billionaires dictate the pace of Canada’s energy transition, they could block our best chance at a climate-safe future where everyone can thrive.

That’s why we’re flooding our Members of Parliament and Trudeau’s Environment Minister Guilbeault with faxes from the future to remind them that a proper Just Transition plan must work for workers, communities, and everyday people. Imagine their offices filling up with thousands of messages from all of us. It would be impossible for them to ignore us.

Take action now and show your MP and the Environment Minister what we can accomplish for people and the planet with a bold Just Transition Act. Send your fax to their offices now using our one-click system.

I know fax machines are almost as outdated as fossil fuels, but you don’t actually need one to take this action. Our online tool lets you send a fax to your MP’s office in one click. We’ve provided a template message you can customize or send as-is.

Send your MP a Fax from the Future now to show your support for the bold and ambitious Just Transition Act we need in order to make this better future real.

We’ve built a lot of momentum together over the past few months. Together we’ve gathered thousands of petition signatures, sent over 10,000 messages to the government’s public consultation on a just transition, and rallied in 50 communities across the country to demand a just transition that leaves no one behind. Last week, with the launch of our imagined Ministry of Just Transition3, we reached tens of thousands of new people with a powerful vision of what it would look like if our government truly rose to the challenge of the climate emergency.

Now we’re taking the message directly to our MPs and Environment Minister Guilbeault in a way that we know is going to stand out: faxes from the future.



PS: Our spoof Ministry of Just Transition video is reaching a lot of new people on social media. Can you take a moment to share it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or by emailing the YouTube link to some friends?

1: National Observer: Poll finds most Canadians want a just transition — and not a dollar more for TMX

2: Toronto Star: To limit global warming, rich countries like Canada must end oil and gas production by 2034: report

3: Ministry of Just Transition website

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