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PAOV — The production of palm oil is destroying rainforests and killing the animals that inhabit them — animals like orangutans, tigers, and elephants. Costco’s Kirkland brand uses palm oil in many of their products, and Costco has not updated their palm oil policy since 2015. Petition starter Ashley believes it’s time for Costco to go palm-oil free. If you believe rainforests and wildlife shouldn’t be destroyed for profit, add your name today.

COSTCO: find an alternative to Palm Oil, Orangutans survival depend on it

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Palm Oil is a cheap additive in many products we consume/use each day. These include but are not limited to; food, beauty products and biofuel.

COSTCO currently uses Palm Oil in some of their own Kirkland brand products. Because Costco has such a global market of consumers, people have the right to know the negative impact and devastation, the consumption of Palm Oil is causing.

In Borneo there are rainforests that are being burned every second, so row upon row of palm plants can take their place. Animals such as Orangutans have to evacuate quickly to save their lives. This devastation leaves dead or injured, crying and orphaned baby Orangutans among other animals. In Borneo and Sumatra this biodiverse forest is the last place on earth where Tiger, Orangutan and Elephant still co exsist. From 1999-2015 100,000 Orangutans in Borneo alone have died from habitat loss and hunting.

Costco is a member of the "Roundtable on sustainable palm oil” Although they can say they belong to this group they have not taken credible steps to do so. There are many questions surrounding the truth behind “sustainable palm oil.” Research shows harvesting for Palm oil is leaving forests in devastation, wreaking havoc on the environment, and violently ends the lives of many forest inhabitants, including the Orangutans.

We ask that Costco start the movement to totally end Palm Oil use. Palm Oil is often disguised with various names in products (please research these) and email manufacturers to stop using Palm Oil.

Join me in asking Costco to make the right move for the planet, by totally eliminating Palm Oil from their brand, and to use their buying power to inspire other manufacturers to do the same.


Call the Costco help line to inquire about this yourself, and or demand for the change outlined in this petition.

1 800 463 3783

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