We can't let Trudeau think this is acceptable.

Send a message to your MP to show how much better our future can be if they act with courage in this moment r1


Last week, Environment Commissioner Jerry DeMarco released a bombshell set of reports on the federal government’s response to the climate crisis and the lack of basic progress is outrageous.1

It’s obvious the Liberal government is slow-walking the necessary transition off fossil fuels, but it was infuriating to hear DeMarco reveal the details of why Canada is not even on track to meet Trudeau’s weak 2030 targets.

Paov, we can’t let politicians think this is acceptable. Together, we’ve sent Members of Parliament and the Environment Minister nearly 2,000 messages about the urgent need for real climate action. Will you take a minute to add your voice?

We’ve launched an easy tool you can use to tell your MP to get to work on passing the just transition legislation workers and communities need. Add your voice now.

According to DeMarco, the federal government is objectively “unprepared and slow off the mark” when it comes to delivering the long-promised just transition for workers and communities. Three years after Trudeau declared a climate emergency and promised just transition legislation, his government still hasn’t... even produced an implementation plan.2

Parliament clearly has no bold vision for a just transition. Our new online action lets you send a “Message From The Future” to show them what that better future can look like if they act with courage today.

Will you take action now and help us make sure this message can’t be ignored?

The majority of people in this country have made it clear that they want swift action to deliver a just transition3 but only a massive, people-powered movement will force our elected officials to act. We deserve a coordinated, focused government response that matches the scale of the crisis, not the pathetic excuse for climate action Commissioner DeMarco detailed last week.

Show your MP how much better our futures can be if they act with courage in this moment. Send a Fax from the Future now.

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2. National Observer: Government inaction on just transition ‘stealing our futures,’ longtime oil and gas worker says
3. National Observer: Poll finds most Canadians want a just transition — and not a dollar more for TMX

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