Some *rather momentous news*

Some *rather momentous news* r1 ... The Narwhal's masthead logo Julia-Simone Rutgers, our new Manitoba reporter, poses for a photo wearing a Narwhal sweater.
The passion and commitment of our readers never ceases to amaze me. Since Thursday, 46 of you have signed up to become members of The Narwhal, getting us off to a hot start toward our goal of adding 500 new members in May. Thank you!

In case you missed it, we’re on a mission to add 500 new members this month so we can pursue three more groundbreaking investigations this year. To reach this goal, we just need one per cent of you to sign up for any amount you can afford today.

Here’s a little known fact about The Narwhal: one of our driving motivations in launching back in 2018 was to bring environment reporting from the fringes into the mainstream. We (and clearly many of you too!) were sick and tired of seeing environmental stories told in the business section of the newspaper. We envisioned The Narwhal as being a bit like the environment section of the newspaper — except there isn’t one of those (bit of a head scratcher, isn’t it?).

In our wildest dreams, we envisioned partnering with Canada’s most-read newspapers and magazines to bring fearless on-the-ground reporting to a growing and diverse chorus of people — because we all know that preaching to the choir isn’t going to change the world.

With all of that in mind, I’m very excited to share some *rather momentous news*: this is the first week for our new Manitoba reporter, Julia-Simone Rutgers, whose position was created in collaboration with the Winnipeg Free Press.
Julia-Simone Rutgers, our new Manitoba reporter, poses for a photo in a blazer.
The Winnipeg Free Press is a 150-year-old independent publisher and all of Julia-Simone’s work will be published in both The Narwhal and the Free Press newspaper.

This partnership, supported by the Winnipeg Foundation, is one of the first of its kind in Canada and marks a new era of collaboration between digital and legacy news outlets.

Help The Narwhal take even bigger steps to re-define what’s possible in the Canadian media landscape by becoming a member today. Your support will help us break three big investigations this year.
YES, LET’S RE-DEFINE WHAT’S POSSIBLE This new partnership with the Winnipeg Free Press marks a major breakthrough for The Narwhal in reaching new audiences and, ultimately, filling a void for in-depth and investigative environmental journalism in Manitoba.

It also points to how the existence of The Narwhal has an impact on the rest of the media landscape, influencing other publications to step up their coverage of environment and climate change issues.

Thank you to each and every one of you for reading, sharing and supporting The Narwhal to help us reach this breakthrough moment.

We have big plans to break open three big stories this year — but researching, reporting, editing, photography, fact-checking and lawyer fees add up quickly! We’ve fallen behind on our membership targets for the year, and need 454 new members to sign up for any amount to pull this off. Please consider becoming a member of the pod today.

Emma Gilchrist

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