Yesterday, Canadians learned that they are now on the hook for over $21B on TMX thanks to a $10B loan guarantee by the Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland.

We need a formal review of the Trans Mountain pipeline now.

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Yesterday, we found out the Trudeau government is reneging on its campaign promise to stop subsidies to fossil fuels and take climate change seriously, when it secretly guaranteed a loan for additional construction costs.

In February, the Government promised that no more public money would be poured into the project – after the announcement that Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project's costs had nearly tripled from its initial $7.4 billion price tag to $21.4 billion.

The project is wildly unpopular among taxpayers -- recent polling has shown that a majority of people in Canada don’t want the government spending any more money on the project.

And after news about the loan guarantee broke yesterday, opposition parties from all sides attacked the federal... government for continuing to financially support a Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project that is now over-budget and running late. But what the MPs need to do now is to demand for a stop to construction and to conduct a formal review of the Trans Mountain pipeline now.

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TMX is a bad idea all the way through.

First and foremost, the pipeline still does not have consent from Indigenous nations along the pipeline route. In a statement also released yesterday, a United Nations human rights committee focused on combatting racism has reiterated its call for Canada to stop construction on TMX and Coastal Gaslink until it obtains consent from affected Indigenous communities in British Columbia.

TMX is also a reckless project that would increase tanker traffic through the Salish Sea by seven hundred percent, endangering the already struggling Southern Resident Orca whale population.

Updated climate science from international bodies has confirmed that Trans Mountain is incompatible with efforts to limit global warming to 1.5ºC.

And with all these reasons, the cost overrun and backdoor loan guarantees, what we need is a formal review of the Trans Mountain.

Call on MPs to do a formal review of the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

Time and time again, hundreds of thousands of SumOfUs members like you have spoken out to stop the construction of pipelines such as Keystone XL and the Northern Gateway. And because of people like you supporting land and water defenders, these pipelines have been stopped.

And we can stop this Trans Mountain pipeline, but only if you speak out now.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Angus and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

UN committee criticizes Canada over handling of Indigenous pipeline opposition
Globe and Mail. 11 May 2022.

Finance Canada defends $10 billion loan guarantee for Trans Mountain
CBC. 11 May 2022.

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