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Then you can hold Mark Zuckerberg to account!

Facebook shareholders are set to vote on two shareholder resolutions filed by SumOfUs members calling on Facebook to clean up its act.

If you have a pension, mutual fund or superannuation fund, you probably own shares in Facebook, which means you have the power to hold this multi-trillion dollar company to account.

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In days, Facebook shareholders will vote on a set of proposals demanding Facebook clean up its act — and the SumOfUs community has co-filed two of those resolutions.

If you have a pension, mutual fund, or superannuation fund, you probably own shares in Facebook — which means you have the power to vote for these resolutions and hold this multi-trillion dollar company to account.

Emailing your fund manager is quick and easy, and... could have massive impact since these managers don’t often hear from investors directly. Click to send a message, then share this with other investor friends:

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Support for our proposals is gaining steam. The head of the American Federation of Teachers called on pension plans to vote for one of our proposals and a growing list of leading organizations are doing the same.

Mark Zuckerberg has set up a special share program for himself and his closest friends where their shares count 10x more than regular shares, which means we can’t “win” the vote. But having the large funds like pension or mutual funds vote for good corporate governance can and it will put real pressure on the Board to act responsibly.

A strong vote from them will also be a sign to legislators and regulators that the company is not acting in our best interest – leading to volatile valuations and harms to our children and our communities.

Now it’s up to us to let our investment managers know we need to see a big change in the risky manner Zuckerberg manages the company and protect against the even greater dangers of his metaverse fantasy.

Click to contact your fund manager — let’s use our leverage as shareholders to demand Facebook clean up its act.

Email your pension fund

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