Division, neglect opens door to Doug Ford's union conquests

Division, neglect opens door to Doug Ford's union conquests


May 27 2022

Division, neglect opens door
to Doug Ford’s union conquests

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It’s not clear if the shafting will come post election or further along but it will come. I would bet my Red Seal certificate on it.”

Why are some construction and skilled trades unions throwing their support behind Doug Ford and the Ontario PC Party? Scotty Hertz, a master electrician in Guelph, weighs in on the election controversy and the construction strikes.

Labour News Briefs

  • Lethbridge Starbucks union drive: The United Steel Workers have announced workers at five Lethbridge, Alberta Starbucks stores are applying to the Alberta Labour Relations Board for a union certification vote.

  • Burkina Faso mine disaster: Eight miners are missing, presumed dead at the Canadian-owned Trevali zinc mine in Burkina Faso in west Africa. The disaster fits a pattern of labour, environmenal and human rights abuses by Canadian mining corporations which operate under “self-regulation” and general impunity.

  • Union-Busting Alert: “The Napanee Six” shelter workers are appealing for donations to help them while Unifor fights the r0

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