End the US Criminal Blockade Against Cuba

End the US criminal blockade against Cuba

Stand in Solidarity with Cuba

Banner Hanging2pm Saturday, May 28Roger Ave Pedestrian Overpass (Over Pat Bay highway off Quadra)


Since last July, caravans and marches have taken place across the United States and other countries to demand an end to the US unlawful blockade of Cuba. “Building bridges of love" has become a catchphrase for these events.
We in Victoria have joined in to express our displeasure with the United States’ 60-year-long illegal blockade against Cuba.
We’ll be hanging our banners in solidarity of Cuba and calling for the end of the US murderous embargo at the Roger pedestrian overpass on the Pat Bay Highway this coming Saturday, May 28.
All friends who believe in a more sane world are invited to join us.
Always in Solidarity,Victoria Friends of Cuba

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