End Climate Delay

Join an action on Wednesday June 29th to mark the one year anniversary of the Heat Dome r1


Last week, hundreds of people across the country joined us for a mass organizing call. People shared their stories about living through the deadly Heat Dome that claimed at least 619 lives last summer -- making it the single most deadly climate-fuelled event in Canadian history.1

People see right through the federal government’s climate delay tactics of approving fossil fuel expansion in the midst of a climate emergency and how it is putting our future at risk. That’s why on Wednesday June 29th, we’re holding a national Day of Action to End Climate Delay and mark the one year anniversary of the Heat Dome.

To make an impact, we need as many communities as possible to take part. Join us at an event near you.

Don’t see an action in your community yet? Host an event in your community now.

Scientists have warned that we’re in for extreme heat that will make last summer look mild. This is a direct result of our government's failure to act at the scale that science and justice demand. You can draw a straight line from Canada’s failing... climate record, the worst in the G7, through Justin Trudeau’s purchase of the Trans Mountain pipeline and approval of the Bay du Nord directly to climate disasters like the heat dome.

We can’t let this stand. Join us on June 29th to mark the one year anniversary of the Heat Dome outside of your MP’s office. You can RSVP to an event near you, or register an event if there isn’t one in your community.

If you’ve never organized or taken an action with us before, know that the 350 Canada team will support you every step of the way with a toolkit, training, 1:1 sessions and more.

Climate disasters are upending people's lives in every corner of this country at an accelerating rate. We owe it to our communities - both in Canada and around the world - to demand Justin Trudeau and his government end climate delay. I hope that you’ll step up in this moment by signing up to attend or host an action.

In solidarity,

1: CBC: Coroner's report on B.C. heat-dome deaths calls for greater support for populations at risk

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