I cant believe the Globe and Mail published this

Join a Day of Action to End Climate Delay on June 29th r1


I’ll get straight to the point. The longer politicians delay climate action, the worse climate disasters become. Can you join an action in your community on Wednesday June 29th to end dangerous climate delay and hold our politicians accountable for worsening climate disasters?

Don’t see an action near you? Host an action in your community. When you sign up, I will personally support you every step of the way with 1:1 support calls, organizing toolkits and more.

Paov, last summer we witnessed the deadliest event in Canadian history, the 2021 Heat Dome. And, scientists have warned that climate disasters like this will be mild compared to what we will experience in the future. This is a direct result of our government's failure to act at the scale that science and justice demand.

Despite the facts on the climate crisis being crystal clear, the Globe and Mail’s Editorial Board released an opinion piece this week calling Trudeau’s weak climate targets to reduce oil and gas emissions “too ambitious”, and suggested meeting them is “not prudent”, despite being in a climate emergency.1

I couldn’t believe what I was reading, Paov. We... know the Trudeau government's climate plan is not enough. And, that it allows oil and gas production to increase.2 This is the kind of climate delay and denial that puts our future at risk.

The Globe and Mail may think we can't afford to rapidly reduce emissions, but the extreme storms bearing down across the country right now show us that we can't afford not to. Join us on Wednesday June 29th to End Climate Delay and demand bold climate action like a Just Transition off fossil fuels. We have made it easy to join an event near you using our event directory, or register an event in your community if you don’t see one.



Paov, I know this is a big ask. But, we wouldn’t be asking if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. With the one year anniversary of the 2021 Heat Dome at the end of June, this is a critical opportunity to hold our politicians accountable for their continued climate delay.

I hope that you’ll step up in this moment by signing up to attend or host an action. 350 Canada organizers and I will be with you every step of the way to make your community event as big and bold as possible.

In solidarity,

1 - Globe editorial: Is the Trudeau government’s plan for quick, deep cuts to oil emissions too ambitious? Yes

2 - Increased oil and gas production, carbon capture tax credits calls Canada’s new climate plan’s credibility into question

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