Yesterday was powerful

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Yesterday was powerful. Hundreds of people in communities across the country came together to remember the lives lost in the 2021 Heat Dome and show our politicians that we won’t stand by while they put even more lives at risk with their reckless climate delay.

From Moncton to Whitehorse to Victoria and over a dozen other places in between, people turned out to mark this tragic anniversary and demand the safe, liveable future we all deserve. It was incredibly moving to hear directly from people who had suffered and lost loved ones during the Heat Dome, and to see people of all ages and walks of life show up in solidarity. Together, we sent a clear message about the urgent need to stop fossil fuel expansion and pass a Just Transition Act that puts people first.

Paov, let’s keep building on this momentum. Can you take two minutes to phone your MP and make sure they hear our call to End Climate Delay? Use our one-click tool to call them now.

At yesterday’s action in Edmonton, a postal worker named Kathleen talked about how extreme weather has been making her daily... work more dangerous, both in summer and winter. She told the crowd about a fellow postal worker who died in his truck last summer, on a day when temperatures reached 40° Celcius. That’s just one of the stories behind the stark tally of over 600 people killed by extreme heat in Canada last year. We can’t let this become the new normal.

We need our government to invest in a just transition now, so we can keep workers and communities safe as we face down the climate emergency. Take a moment to tell your MP to support a freeze on fossil fuel expansion and make the Just Transition Act their top priority.

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PS. We just posted a recap video and a photo gallery from yesterday’s Day of Action. Check it out and share the video on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok to help us spread the word!

PPS. If you haven’t already seen my piece in the National Observer sharing my Heat Dome experience, please give it a read and share too. is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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