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John Horgan certainly left his mark on the lands known as British Columbia.

The Site C dam, which is permanently erasing more than 10,000 years of human history and culture in the Peace River Valley, will be his most expensive monument.

But there’s also the Coastal GasLink pipeline, endless fracking pads and tailings ponds, giant clearcuts, and mine and highway expansions. Horgan’s legacy is visible from... space.

The upside of all this destruction was supposed to be a better life for British Columbians. Healthcare, education, affordable housing. But that deal has fallen apart.

Life in B.C. is shorter, and more expensive and stressful than it was five years ago. And the climate crisis looms over everything, making the future deeply uncertain.

Will the next premier have what it takes to rally people and use the power of government to make our communities stronger and more secure?

Or will they pander to global corporations looking to squeeze the last drops of profit out of our province? BC NDP members will make that choice for us soon. Read more…
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