The EPA Will Not Save Us! READ our take and ACT UP!

The EPA Will Not Save Us! READ our take and ACT UP! r1 ... r33

Supreme Court on the Rampage

July 2, 2022 Former steering committee member of the Washington, D.C., chapter of the Federalist Society John Roberts soaks in the applause at his swearing in as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in 2005. Dear member of the SCNCC community,

We invite you to take a few minutes to read our article on the Supreme Court's gutting of the Environmental Protection Agency's powers.

As ecosocialists, we were never fans of the so-called Clean Power Plan rejected by the court. Obama's plan gave the power industry equal credit for greening whether they expanded the use of fracked methane gas and nuclear reactors or built out wind and solar power. For all the wrong reasons, Trump killed the misguided plan shortly after he came into office.

West Virginia v EPA means the Clean Power Plan will stay dead. It also means that nothing better will come from EPA without the dysfunctional Congress waking up and taking action. And we know how likely that is.

The Supreme Court has mowed down precedents and invented new legal doctrines to send the nation lurching even farther to the right. Broadside attacks on reproductive freedom, gun control, and First Nations' sovereignty took place in the final days of the Supreme Court's latest term.

Now more than ever it is clear that only a radical grassroots mass movement can stop the Supreme Court from executing a coup every bit as threatening as the January 6 insurrection. Some folks rob you with a six-shooter while others do it with a pen.

The SCNCC Crew

Don't Look to EPA to Save Us!

Ted Franklin | System Change Not Climate Change

The 51-year-old agency has been losing both power and credibility over recent decades, and SCOTUS’s recent ruling undermines it even more.

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