How warehouse workers defeated HBC

How warehouse workers defeated HBC


July 4 2022

How Scarborough warehouse workers
defeated HBC

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A nine-day strike by HBC workers won a resounding no-concessions victory in late June. Here’s a report on the strike with voices of workers from the picket lines, and how they organized to overcome Canada’s oldest corporation.

The 1981 postal workers’ strike
for maternity leave

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“We’re not asking for the moon. As it is now, a woman is almost penalized for having a baby. Most of us come back to work afterwards, so why should we lose our salaries while we’re at home having a baby?”

Cessco lockout marks 2 years

June 28 2022 marked the 2nd year of Cessco's union-busting lockout of Boilermakers Lodge 146 in Edmonton. Six men have stayed on the picket lines ever day. One of the six, Ray Mudryk, died of a heart attack after a year on the line, following a 47-year career at Cessco.

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Cessco was one of the 460,000 businesses to collect the federal government’s Canada Emergency "Wage" Subsidies. The federal government still refuses to disclose how much money each company collected.


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