Struggling to afford gas in BC

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PAOV — The cost of gas has risen by more than 40% so far in 2022. Despite ICBC’s one-time $110-gas relief rebate, many drivers are worried they won’t be able to afford gas. Petition starter Sarah thinks the province needs to do more to protect citizens from extreme prices at the pump. If you agree, sign the petition now.

Regulate BC’s Gas Prices

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So gas prices are skyrocketing. I am creating this petition in light of the Ukraine/Russian Crisis and the sanctions made on Russia and gas price issues stemming prior. If the government is going to make decisions that affect a staple resource to everyone’s daily lives there needs to be help in order to maintain our budgets.

We NEED to regulate our gas prices! People’s income does not rise as fast as the gas prices are right now!

There should be solutions to help those that need to pay for gas.
Three weeks ago I gassed up at 1.66, last week I gassed up at 1.82. Now I am seeing prices at 2.15. With an average sized car, I fill up about 45 liters a week which is about an 90$ (and growing) a month increase. This is a LOT of peoples entire dollar raise (if they get one). It’s a lot of peoples phone bills. A lot of people will have to choose less food to make up for this, or not be able to pay down their credit cards to just pay for the bare minimum of necessities.

In times of crisis (which it is if our government is making us choose between gas or other necessities) our government needs to find solutions so that citizens are able to get by without added monetary burdens. They have already shown the ability to do this when we were stuck financially by the recent pandemic.

Alberta’s premier has already given their province a tax break on gas. We need to follow suite and legitimately regulate our gas prices so that we can budget and maintain our lives.

Thank you for signing and sharing this petition!

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