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PAOV — Could you survive on $1,350 a month, or find housing for $375 a month? That is the reality for thousands of people in BC who rely on disability income assistance. Living on so little is virtually impossible in a province with sky-high rents and rapidly increasing cost of living. Petition starter Amanda is calling on the provincial government to immediately raise disability assistance payments so people who receive assistance are not forced to live in poverty. If you agree with Amanda and think the government must increase disability assistance payments, sign the petition now.

Increase Disability Income Assistance in British Columbia

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Inflation is higher than it has been for decades. Despite the annual inflation rate of more than 4%, the assistance for those on disability income assistance have been frozen. Apparently, the British Columbia government believes that disabled people have the ability to live on $1,358.00 per month. That includes, rent, utilities, food as well as other essentials. The BC government must think that disabled people don’t need to eat or need a roof over their heads.

BC has the highest rental rates in the country. It is impossible to find anything, no matter how small or where it’s located - under $1,000.00 per month. Most rentals are usually $1,500.00 and they are difficult to find for anyone, never mind those on disability. Let’s put a stop to the BC’s government inaction that has resulted in this vulnerable group of people living in poverty. Please sign this petition so those on disability assistance are not living in poverty by increasing the rates substantially by at least $300.00. If this doesn’t happen there will be a rise in suicides, drug overdoses, vandalism, theft and violent crime, which will cost the BC government and the general public even more money.

An increase in disability payments will help those that are disabled, make ends meet. Families will not be torn apart due to poverty. Their mental health will improve knowing they can feed themselves and pay the rent. There will be less crime, overdoses, spousal abuse, child abuse, which are all associated with poverty. The poverty rate of persons with disability is almost double that of Canadians without disabilities.

Let’s help the disabled people of British Columbia rise-up out of the poverty that the BC government has inflicted upon this vulnerable group of people. Please sign this very important petition. Thank you.

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