Dogwood News This Week: political mavericks, or more of the same?

Email Template r1 Dogwood Your place for news and action Leaders stepping down, new leaders stepping up. It’s the lifecycle of any political system, but there has been quite a lot of changing of the guard lately.

Federal Conservatives have one less candidate to choose from in their leadership race: Patrick Brown, dogged by sexual misconduct allegations and other scandals, was recently disqualified for supposedly mismanaging campaign funds. He’s accusing Pierre Poilievre’s campaign of sabotage and appears ready to fight the decision. Get... your popcorn ready.

Alberta is still in the process of choosing their next premier, replacing popular-opportunist-who-couldn’t-make-good Jason Kenney. And across the pond, after months of political controversy and a slew of minister resignations, Boris Johnson is stepping down as British Prime Minister.

Here at home, John Horgan has relinquished his position as premier, leaving the rest of us to speculate who will compete for the job.

Ravi Kahlon squashed rumors this week that he’d throw his hat in the ring, instead giving his endorsement to B.C.’s attorney general David Eby (who hasn’t officially announced his intention to run… yet). Other names being floated by political watchers include Josie Osborne and Nathan Cullen.

Leadership races shake things up, and can give a small group of voters an outsized voice. If played right, organized people can play a big role in choosing a leader who will go hard on critical issues, like climate change, social justice and affordability.

But left on its own, the system we’ve created will serve up more of the same: political insiders beholden to lobbyists and industry.

In the face of rare and short-lived opportunities, bold action is what we need most.
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