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PAOV — On Friday, Rogers experienced its second nationwide outage in as many years. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians were unable to access internet and cell services for hours, despite paying some of the highest fees in the world. Petition starter Celina is calling on the CRTC to protect Canadians from exorbitant cell and internet fees and more than 275,000 frustrated Canadians have joined her. You can show your support by signing the petition now.

Canadians Are Being SCAMMED - Tell the CRTC We Demand Better Cell Phone Service!

276,752 have signed Celina London’s petition. Let’s get... to 300,000!

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Here in Canada we pay extremely high prices for our cell phones and cable in comparison to countries like Australia, United Kingdom and United States of America.

As of August 2019, a plan with 30GB data from Australia’s Vodafone network is $45. In Canada, major providers like Rogers and Telus charge $95 for 20GB at max speed.

This is unethical and not okay. It’s time we stand up for our hard-earned dollars and demand limitations be put in place to stop the wallet gouging of hard-working Canadians. We must force our telecommunications companies to provide Canadians better service for the astronomically high price they’re forced to pay for what is a necessity to function in our high-tech society in 2019.

Please act now and sign your name below to show the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission) that we’ve had ENOUGH and demand a change to our current telecommunications laws and regulations to implement a limit on price and an immediate increase in service provided for both existing and new customers.

Once you’ve signed please take the time to share with your friends and family as this affects us all and together we can make a big difference and be heard!

Thank you!

Celina London - concerned and annoyed Canadian.

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