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PAOV — Amazon’s annual Prime Day sales kicked off yesterday. Canadians across the country will scour Amazon for the best deals and some of those purchases will inevitably be returned. Instead of being resold, millions of dollars worth of products returned to Amazon are destroyed, even if they’re in perfect condition. Petition starter Carole is appalled by how many functional products are sent to landfill and is demanding that the federal government force the company to reduce its impact on our environment. If you think that Amazon shouldn’t be able to destroy brand new and working products, sign today.

Stop the massive destruction of unsold goods by Amazon

48,901 have signed Carole Gillant’s petition. Let’s get to 50,000!

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I’m Carole G. I’ve been interested in ecology for several years now, notably thanks to documentaries by the Greenpeace association, Équiterre, Nature Canada, David Suzuki Foundation, Green Action Centre & more...

I saw a CBC News:Marketplace report about the destruction of millions of unsold items a year by AMAZON. I was profoundly shocked!
When we’ve been asking the citizens of the world for years to watch out for waste, we learn that the world’s largest corporation is destroying 3 million items in Canada, and not only does it not recycle them, but it landfills its unsold items!

In France, Amazon changed its policy for a similar reporting that forced Amazon to change its ways.

In this CBC News report from October 2020 we learn that Amazon has set up a system for the mass destruction of hundreds of thousands of new products! This is not the first time that Amazon has made a name for itself with its non-ecological policy. Indeed, in a report by M6 France "Capital" and in a report on the programme "Frontal 21" on the German television channel ZDF, broadcast last June, Amazon employees explained that they had destroyed products in perfect working order or with slight defects.

This system once again pushes over-consumption which is gradually destroying our planet!

The world’s most powerful multinational destroys US$400 million in new products in Canada every year! Amazon’s practices are unacceptable and dangerous when we know that the manufacture of these products accounts for nearly a quarter of French greenhouse gas emissions. It is therefore a matter of life and death for our planet.

The CBC News television team has tracked down partner companies using the platform who would be forced for economic reasons to destroy their unsold products!

Please sign for the government to finally force Amazon (and many other companies) to stop their destruction and to redistribute all their unsold goods to associations!

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