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No Supreme Court in a century has done so much so fast to impose an extremist political agenda on the U.S. Constitution and damage the rights it confers on citizens.

It took 50 years for conservatives to build the right-wing legal revolution that has been unleashed by the Supreme Court.

During that half-century, the Supreme Court was pushed to the right by a vast network of think tanks, lobbying groups, legal organizations, and media outlets — all supported with lavish donations from corporations and conservative billionaires.

Now, for those who are terrified by the radical right-wing direction of this court, the question is whether we have the will to fight as long and hard as they did to reclaim the court and repair the damage to our democracy.

We know that it’s only a matter of time before most media outlets shift... their focus to some other breaking news of the day. But at The Intercept, we believe that there is no more important issue facing the country than the threat posed by this Supreme Court — and the failure of Democrats and others in positions of power to meet this moment of crisis.

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No Supreme Court in a century has done so much so fast to reverse precedent and impose an extremist political agenda on the U.S. Constitution.

In a matter of weeks, this court handed down decisions overturning precedent or throwing out legal protections on abortion, guns, the rights of criminal defendants, the environment, voting rights, the separation of church and state, and more.

And there are no signs that the court’s six-vote supermajority plans to slow down the pace of its revolution anytime soon.

Decisions striking down sodomy laws and ensuring marriage equality, the right to birth control, and affirmative action are all squarely in their crosshairs. Perhaps most terrifying is the voting rights case that the court has accepted for its next term, which could empower state legislatures to simply throw out results they don’t like in congressional and presidential elections.

Journalism will play a key role in the fight to restore sanity to the Supreme Court. It’s up to us to explicate the impact of these decisions, illuminate the forces that unleashed them, and demand action from those with the power to check the court’s excesses and repair the damage.

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