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PAOV — The federal government is ending the Afghan immigration program that began shortly after Kandahar fell a year ago. Scarcely 40% of the promised 40,000 Afghan refugees have arrived in Canada, and many Afghan interpreters who worked with the Canadian military are still stuck in Afghanistan. Many believe that their lives, and the lives of their families, are still in imminent danger. If you believe the federal government should continue their program to help the remaining Afghan interpreters and their families, show your support by signing the petition now.

Rescue Afghan interpreters who served with Canadian soldiers from the Taliban

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Afghan interpreters served with Canadian soldiers and provided critical translation and cultural support. Their lives are now in immediate danger as a result of their service to Canada.

Now that the United States and NATO are completing their withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban is quickly regaining control of the country. Interpreters who supported Canadian troops have already faced attacks and violence from the Taliban, which is expected to worsen in the coming weeks.

The Afghan-Canadian Interpreters Association has so far identified 115 former interpreters, cultural advisers, and locally employed people who require Canada’s protection.

These interpreters and their families are no longer safe in Afghanistan and need to be transported to Canada immediately. Sign the petition and call your MP!

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