Stop the CFIAs ban on bringing dogs

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Stop the CFIA’s ban on bringing dogs for adoption into Canada

Shana Albo started this petition to Marie-Claude Bibeau, and it now has 3,032 signatures

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On September 28, 2022, the... Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) will impose a blanket ban on importing commercial dogs into Canada from countries that the CFIA deems to be at "high risk" for rabies. The list of countries is currently over 100, including Eastern European countries like Ukraine. Dogs from these countries will no longer be permitted entry into Canada. Commercial dogs include dogs for resale, adoption, fostering, breeding, show or exhibition. The CFIA is basing their ban on preventing rabies from entering Canada. However, this is a sledgehammer approach to an issue that can be dealt with without a blanket ban. Rabies is 100% preventable with appropriate vaccinations. And there have been all of 2 cases of rescued dogs arriving in Canada with rabies (and they were both from one country). Yet this ban will apply to over 100 countries!

Thousands of dogs from countries around the world are rescued each year from dire situations (neglect, abuse, the "meat trade", etc) and adopted by Canadians through responsible rescue organizations. These rescue organizations thoroughly vet the dogs before sending them to Canada. The dogs receive their full set of immunizations (including rabies).

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s harmful dog import ban will leave dogs to suffer & die in countries where dogs are killed in the meat trade. The CFIA should EXEMPT animal rescues from the ban & allow dogs who have been fully vetted and vaccinated into Canada!

Please sign this petition so we can stop this ban before it goes into effect on Sept. 28!

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