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It's been nearly a month since we organized the Day of Action to End Climate Delay. Hundreds of you joined us on June 29 to commemorate the lives lost in the 2021 Heat Dome, the largest mass casualty weather event in our history, and demand our politicians stop backing fossil fuel expansion in the midst of a climate emergency.

Since then, record-breaking heat waves have killed more than 1,900 people in Europe1. Here in Canada, another wildfire is burning out of control near the town of Lytton, which nearly burned to the ground last year and is still rebuilding2.

Paov, we know no one has been left untouched by the climate crisis. But so often, our stories and shared experiences are lost behind the headlines. That’s why we just launched a new website where you can hear first-hand accounts of living through climate disasters and share your own.

Sharing personal stories is one of the most powerful tools for building community and building power so we can come together and win our fight for change. If you or your community have experienced extreme fires, floods, storms or other impacts of the climate crisis we want to hear... from you. You can submit your story and watch the first collection of stories here.

One of the videos on this new site is from an interview with Kathleen, a postal worker who attended the End Climate Delay action in Edmonton. Her story has stuck with me. She, like many, lost someone they knew to the record-breaking heat last year. The lives lost to the climate crisis are more than just statistics and numbers. They are people who deserved better. In sharing our stories and struggles, we can build community and hold our politicians accountable for their climate delay, which is making climate disasters more frequent and intense.

Hear the stories of people across the country who are living through climate disaster. Then, share your story and your vision for a better future here. There are many ways we can share our experiences, so feel free to share your story in whatever ways make sense to you; a video, an audio recording, a photograph, or a piece of art.

I know sharing your story can be deeply difficult and upsetting, but I hope you’ll consider doing it anyway. Sharing your story and hearing from your friends, neighbours, and community is a powerful way to understand our collective struggle, and demand bold, transformative action so climate disasters don’t stay our new normal.

In solidarity,

  1. Heat wave kills more than 1,900 people in Spain and Portugal
  2. Global: Large wildfire west of Lytton, B.C. grows to 2,000 hectares as crews continue fight

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