AXA is feeling the heat!


The mobilisation against AXA keeps getting stronger and stronger!

In April, our partners protested outside AXA's AGM and held a short play imagining AXA announcing their divestment from Israeli apartheid! Watch the video here.

Shareholders are becoming more and more sensitive to the issue: inside the AGM, a shareholder asked AXA when “it would end its assistance to Israeli apartheid”.

AXA really didn’t like that. They tried to escape by answering some random blah blah on how AXA will “avoid causing or contributing to adverse human rights impacts”. Still, AXA doesn’t divest from Israeli apartheid.

In May 2021 the report “Don’t Buy Into Occupation” ranked AXA 30th out of 100 companies involved in European companies financing illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory. Bank Leumi and Israeli Discount Bank, which AXA still invests in, are both in the UN database of companies in Israeli illegal settlements in Palestinian occupied territory.

By investing in Israeli settlements, AXA contributes to Palestinian human rights violations.

The international campaign won’t stop until AXA ends its support of Israel’s constant violation of Palestinian human rights.

Thanks for all that you do,
Alys, Leyla, and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

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AXA responds to allegations re ties to Israeli settlement construction and weapons manufacturing, Business and Human Rights Resource Centre

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