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Dear Friend,

Are you fed up with the governments, corporations, and private entities being prioritized over people and our fundamental rights? We are too.

The RCMP has illegally spied on people in Canada. Your electronic devices may be vulnerable to searches at the border. Behind closed doors, backroom deals to undermine your privacy are being made between the government and big business.

The problem is clear. Often our privacy is not respected, and our rights are unclear. People don’t know all the ways their privacy can be infringed upon, and what proactive steps they can take to prevent harm. How are we supposed to protect ourselves when our rights are not made clear to us to begin with?

That is why we are asking for your support today. Would you make a donation today to help us defend what is right?

At the BCCLA, we know that privacy rights are human rights. That is why we are holding... governments and corporations to account while working to protect your autonomy and right to privacy.

The truth is the onus should not be on you to fend for yourself – but that is too often the case. Governments have a duty to protect and care for people and their privacy rights. And governments and corporations have a responsibility not to exploit our private information and use it for profit.

That is why our work is so important. We’ve worked tirelessly in the past few years to protect your privacy rights. We spoke out against policies that will increase financial surveillance and introduce invasive measures that undermine your constitutional rights. We sued CSE and CSIS for illegally spying on people. We spoke out against proposals for the vast expansion of CCTV surveillance in the City of Vancouver.

We are launching valuable education resources for the public. Our handbook – Electronic Devices Privacy Handbook - has been translated into six languages. This summer, we are releasing new educational materials on Digital Privacy Rights for Youth, educating our next generations of changemakers on their privacy rights in Canadian classrooms.

Our commitment is unwavering. Governments and corporations will not intimidate us from defending your fundamental rights. Help us defend your privacy rights by making a donation today.

Thank you for standing with us.


Greta Lin (she/her)

Supporter Engagement and Development Manager

P.S. Privacy information should be easily accessible. The BCCLA is here with you every step of the way. Make a donation today to help us fight for your privacy rights.

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