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Did you get a chance to tune into our most recent panel – Privacy Rights in Canada? Watch our Livestream here.

We were proud to present you with a panel of compelling speakers – including BCCLA lawyers Mara Selanders and Meghan McDermott, as well as the editors of the trail-blazing student newspaper, The Griffins Nest.

The panellists spoke on your privacy rights at the border & when interacting with the police, and students’ rights in practicing meaningful journalism as well as their rights in school regarding electronic devices.

Make a donation today to help us fight for your privacy rights

The BCCLA has been fighting for your privacy rights for the past 60 years. At the Cullen Commission of Inquiry into Money Laundering... in BC, we spoke out against recommendations that are deemed invasive and have the potential to undermine your constitutional rights. We took CSE and CSIS to court for illegally spying on people. We spoke out against proposals for the vast expansion of CCTV surveillance in the City of Vancouver. The list goes on.

We believe that privacy rights are human rights, and privacy information should be easily accessible. Today, we need your help to do this work for years to come.

Would you make a donation today to help us with our privacy work?

Make a donation today to help us fight for your privacy rights

Your donation helps the BCCLA:

- Go to court to hold governments, corporations, and private entities accountable for privacy violations;

- Advocate for new policies that strengthen your privacy rights;

- Develop educational resources so more people can know how to protect their privacy rights; and

- Equip the next generation of advocates by organizing workshops and conferences for students.

Thank you so much for standing with us.


Zoe Nygra (she/they)

Outreach and Communications Coordinator

P.S. Have you watched our privacy rights panel yet? Make a donation to help us bring more of these educational panels to live.

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